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Gaia grille energie

To travel is to encounter yourself, dare discovering, feeling, understanding new datas beyond your comfort zone, beyond the daily routine.
To travel is to let your soul carry you and get your nourishment from the landscape, the people you meet, the rivers, the mountains, the beaches, the desert.
To travel is to listen to  the silence, to the song of the wind, the murmur of the earth, the crackling of fire.
To travel is also to live with planet Earth, pay attention to its ecosystem, to open our consciousness and dive in a more universal flow.
L’Espace Emeraude proposes travel abroad with a theme related to personal development. Whether it has to do with a thousand lights land, a specific place, or the discovery of a culture, it is first and foremost a connection with your soul. The soul loves exploring life, beauty, joy, music..whenever the soul is beaming with life, everything you do suits you and radiates all around you.

The Ethics of travelling is to be aware of everything manifesting itself in a simple and welcoming way, without judgement or criticism,. To welcome is to open and let the energy flow.
All activities organised by l’Espace Emeraude are synchronized with the culture of the country. We choose accommodations linked to associations working towards the wellbeing of the local town or village. We select vegan or vegetarian restaurants whose products come from biodynamic farming (within the means of the country).
L’Espace Emeraude is happy to share with you its discoveries, its moments of coexistence, its inner work and its new outer vision.

All date upon request

"Ce voyage au Maroc en 2014 a été un baume pour mon âme. Le lieu et les personnes sont magnifiques, la nourriture délicieuse et bien sûr le soleil...!! Ainsi que les enseignements accompagnés des pratiques de yoga donnés par Samalie sont en total adéquation pour vivre au rythme de notre âme. C'est un voyage que je conseille à tous pour son ressourcement et pour contacter sa vrai nature, son propre rytme intérieur. Un cadeau à s'offrir pour tout notre être et/ou pour notre couple."
Belle journée