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Initiation to Unitary Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Energy is a gateway for a simple and deep access to the Source, transmitted by the ascended master St Germain.

Unitary Reiki is born from the Reiki Usui tradition, the Reiki Karuna, as well as older techniques from Lemuria and Atlantis transmitted today through the Multidimensional Reiki of Shamballa in addition to the Unitary symbols. It respects and acknowledges the various temporal dimensions of this technique and integrates , while respecting, all these tools to grant us with a Unitary energetic package, a sum of all parts, so that all of us can work at ease with the new planetary vibration.

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02 May 2020
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Formation Reiki "Unitaire" Shambala 2-3 Mai 2020

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Formation Reiki Unitaire 2-3 Mai 2020

Devenir maître Reiki, s'ouvrir à une méthode Unitaire, comprendre le Reiki et l'intégrer.